Sunday, August 06, 2006

wedding #2

It would appear I have reached "that" age. The age where my friends start getting married. Don't worry, I in no way feel inadequate because a wedding is nowhere in my near future. I do enjoy all the fun that goes along with them though!

So Elaine's wedding was a fantastic time. For totally different reason's than Rach's. You see, turns out in wedding dreamland Elaine and I are polar opposites. About the only thing I really liked about the wedding itself was that the ceremony was outside. Oh yes, and of course that my friend was getting married and was crazy happy. That was good too. What made the wedding so great was getting to see people I never get to see normally (E included).

We met up with JJ and her man in Stoon with a few difficulties in the Tim's parking lot. I know, you shouldn't be able to have difficulties when you're both in the same parking lot, but I'm pretty amazing if you've forgotten. Then we ran into a few more difficulties trying to find Marissa's cabin... We try too hard sometimes! Reunited we had time for a quick hug, a change of clothes and had to dash off to make it to the wedding in time. Wade got stellar directions and we weren't late. Thanks to Elaine for drawing us a map (we ALL threw out the one that came with the invite...) and to Marissa's dad for deciphering it.

Like I said, there really was nothing about the ceremony or reception that I loved. But I wasn't supposed to love it, cause I wasn't the one getting married. It suited Elaine and Brett super well, and their families (well Elaine's anyway) were absolutely loving it. A few pieces of advice if you need to plan your wedding sometime soon.
1) Buy a bra/bustier you are actually comfortable in. Needing to manhandle your boobs really takes away from how gorgeous you look. It's your wedding, everyone is looking at you all the time, you look so pretty and then you molest your boobs. There really will be no safe time (except in the washroom) to smush the girls back to where they should be, people are always looking at you.
2) Healthy cake? I know this is awesome for everyday, but it's your wedding, eat real cake. There are a few days of your life I think you should be able to veto healthy sugarfree food and your wedding is high up on that list.

Enough with the critique - cause it was awesome. We had a ton of time to visit with JJ, Wade and Marissa. Understandably not quite so much time with Elaine and Little Amy (not jj's sister) but still a good visit was had. We also got to see the Canwood bar (nicer than you would expect), dance a little, and do a lot of laughing. As per usual I forgot to sign the Guest book. Alas.

The next day Marrisa's mom cooked us a HUGE brunch complete with fresh fish caught by Wade and Marrisa's dad. Seriously, we just kept eating and eating. It was Sean-o's birthday and out of nowhere they produced a "birthday flag" that he was required to walk around the adjoining campsites wearing. Pretty darn funny. We did some relaxing on the beach and then had to leave so we could stop in PA on the way home to visit with Sean-o's family.

It's quite unfortunate sometimes that Canada has to be so darn big - it makes weekend visits like this few and far between. JJ, I think you're up to be married next! ;)

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