Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i quit!

I quit my job, again. It's something I'm getting really good at. So for those of you who are confused, after I quit the Odeon back in April I started working at the Athena. It was a fairly decent job, especially considering I made very decent coin most of the time. There are certainly worse lounges to work at. However, on a whim I realised summer was coming crashing to an end and I still had many things I wanted to accomplish. Turns out work was the thing I least wanted to do. A quick look at the bank account and I quit less than 12 hours later while driving to the queen city to visist Heather, Dan, and Fearless (Sara).

For those of you who are still somehow trying to keep track of my many jobs I now am unemployed for 2.5 weeks until school starts. I'm helping my mom at her store occasionnally (I don't actually get paid in money and it's fun so is that a job?) and I may or may not help out at Diva's if I feel like it. Essentially, I'm just teaching now. How very novel. I think I like it.

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