Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a friend!

Not knowing ANYONE in the public system has been weird. I mean, there's a few folk who have made a point of being friendly and talking to me, but in general it's a busy time of year and I know no one. The size of the school doesn't help with the getting to know people either - few people share rooms, there are no dept offices cause everyone has a classroom, you can print directly to the photocopier so you don't even need to socialise there! It will definitely make getting to know people much harder than in the catholic system where you are constantly sharing different spaces with people.

So I was very happy to make my first actual friend. By that I mean stop by each other's classrooms to say hi and see how things are going friends. Spend an hour talking when we should both be working friends. Yay! I kinda knew who he was before we started talking - I took his job this year and he's a regular at the club. Turns out we both worked for the same shit company in Japan, have travelled to the same countries, and love and have lived in Quebec. I laughed pretty hard when he told my his first stop in QC is always Simmons. Oh SK, you're just so darn tiny!

I was concerned it would be months before I found someone I could harass on a daily basis that wasn't 15. Yay to my neighbour.


bag marla said...

Yay friends!

I have a new friend at work too. She's super great and just started on Monday. She's teaching me a lot about my workplace. For example, I just learned yerterday that my co-workers eat lunch together every single day. Yeah, that's right, I've been working there for 4 MONTHS and no-one has ever mentioned this to me. Except my new friend. She not only mentioned it, but also invited me to join them.

I hope your new friend is just as cool!

chelle said...

marlito you just always take working to the next level. how fitting that your cooworkers realise this and don't want to interrupt you for lunch. yay to your friend who realises you work to much and need to eat (and socialise)!

oh yes, and i enjoy a lot that the NEW GIRL is showing you around. good times.

Anonymous said...

Chris says:
That's the beauty of teaching in the same school as your wife...she HAS TO BE YOUR FRIEND. Glad you're doing well -- hope your department calms down...