Sunday, August 06, 2006

would you like to try that on?

More on bras...
I think I mentioned that I've been helping my mom out in her store when I can. Typically I do things like entering data into the computer, getting new stock ready to go, and ringing in stuff. Not so much of the fitting. I know how a bra should fit on me, but I don't really feel too qualified in the fitting of other ladies. While maman seems to have been born with a knack of the fitting, I'm not convinced it's something genetic. Besides, how bad would I feel selling something expensive to someone, only for them to realise in a day that it doesn't actually fit.

Maman and her "friend" as my grandma would call him, and my nan all went to Van for a short holiday. There was need for someone to work for mom so that her only other staff member didn't have to work a 12 hour day. That someone was me. When you are the only person in the store, it's pretty tough to avoid the fitting.

And what a first fitting experience it was! A considerably older lady, who was visiting her granddaughters, who absolutely raved about the store and told her while she was in town she needed to get fitted. Oh great, nothing like high expectations. You see, gravity and age has taken a bit of a toll on this lady's body. It's very difficult to tell how big around someone needs a bra to be, if there's absolutely no way to avoid rolls. The rolls are a fact of life. Also, grandma was looking for considerable "lift." Which is nice and all, but a bra can only do so much! Not even the Oprah bra can reverse the sands of time. Anyway, together we tried on many many a bra. Unfortunately, in the end, we came to the conclusion that we currently didn't have her size in stock in the Oprah bra (which was her favorite). She left new braless, but happy about her fitting. Go me?

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