Sunday, August 20, 2006

makeover makeover...

Painting a kitchen is hard. More hard when you're by yourself. Well if you're me anyway - I could have used a few more muscles lying around to help me at time, but I managed. Whatever, I'm kind of on a schedule, I don't have time to wait around for help. Also, I'd also used up my free painting help from dad.

There are an awful lot of edges in a kitchen. I don't mind edgeing, put when there is no one painting behind you and you keep having to switch tools it's a little annoying. One of the first things I manage to do - stub my toe. Hard. Next challenge was getting the fridge out so I could paint behind it. This probably involved involuntary swearing. I was a little concerned I was wrecking my floor (by far the nicest part of my kitchen) but I think it's ok. Under/Behind the fridge was surprisingly "clean." I found my vacuum and did some extra cleaning anyway.

So I managed to paint behind the fridge, jammed into a space the size of a fridge. Not so comfortable, but doable. All around the bottom half of the kitchen til I met the stove. The stove was a much bigger challenge to get out than the fridge. I almost gave up and called someone to come help me when finally I won. The stove somehow is not only the exact size of the space it slides into, but it's also the exact size of the space it can be pulled out into. Getting in behind the stove to paint wasn't much fun either. It was at the point that I realised I was trapped in my kitchen and I needed more paint. It was inconvieniently in the dining room. I had another mini battle with the fridge so I could get out.

Nest task, paint around the top of the room between the ceiling and the cupboards. Akward! My hair kept getting stuck on the stucko, finding footing wasn't very much fun either. It was at the time I noticed I'd gotten some goo on my toe from moving the stove. Or not, how bout back when I stubbed my toe I took a huge chunk out of it and it had bled quite a bit. Short pause to clean up my wound. Back to pretending I'm some kind of flexible monkey - I don't really think it's healthy to bend your neck in that position for as long as was necessary, but I did get finished.

The two walls were by far the easiest part, but it did require wrestling with the stove and fridge again. It was easier this time and I managed not to hit the still wet paint with them.

Day one fini. Total painting time - over 3 hours. I wasn't particularily looking forward to repeating that the following day.

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