Tuesday, August 29, 2006


C95 has recently found some deep hidden love for Joel Plaskett and has entered his "new single" high on their regular playlist. Wha? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Joel. Quite a bit. However, he's been in regular radio rotation on independent stations for his "new album" for at least a year and a half now, probably more. Who exactly decided that he was now ready to play amongst the never ending oldies, 80s and pop/hip hop junk they play everyday in the same order? We are talking about the same radio station that denies the fact that Tegan and Sara (now beloved in the States) exists. I'd like to think that this means they might actually start to play music I like more than twice a day, but I know better. Some Idol winner must have had words with a top exec at Rawlco and gotten their song pulled as punishment. Said exec must have been busy and told the closest nerdy intern to find some replacement Cancon and to jack it up as much as possible to "show that Idol jerk" the power of Rawlco. And the world makes sense again.

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