Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i like blueberries

I haven't for the 25 years previous to this one. I'm not sure what exactly what I've been holding against the blueberry, but it was a pretty big grudge. I would occasionally eat them if they were blended into something else, something with much more flavour, but that's it. No pie, yogurt, or muffins for this kid.

While I was hanging with Mr. W watching episode after episode of Veronica Mars (so good!), he offered and made me lunch. Then when we were finished Mr. W offered me dessert. Me say no to dessert? I don't think so. Especially not dessert that I don't have to move to get, it's the best kind. So dessert arrives in front of me - the biggest bowl of blueberries and yogurt you've ever seen. There were more berries than I'd eat cereal some mornings. Maybe Veronica had made me so happy I would have eaten monkey brains if you'd have put them in front of me, I'm not sure. I certainly couldn't tell Mr. W I didn't like blueberries now that he'd served them to me. So I dug in. Quelle surprise! They were good! With a little effort I finished the whole bowl (good, but oh so many).

Thanks to Mr. W and Veronica for the new addition to my menu.

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