Tuesday, August 15, 2006


So after quitting, the only proper thing to do is to run away to the lake. You don't have to twist my arm! So Wednesday after visiting with JJ (thanks for stopping in!) I packed and headed off to Waskesiu. An uneventful drive got me there just in time to pick Rach up from work.

Wednesday night Rach and I played bingo (more to come on that). Thursday we started the day off with a pancake breakfast for the United Way. While Rach went to work I went back to the cabin to plan for school and watch the rest of Veronica season 2 - in that order. Well we all know what order that actually happened in. Mr. Webster joined me an episode or two in and we watched right through to the end. Man, so good! If you haven't started watching Veronica yet, you should really get on it. When we finished the season Mr. W summed it up with "that's a good show" and went to join happy hour. Amazingly I also did a very good amount of planning for the Math A30 course I'll be teaching this semester. Go multitasking! I picked Rach up from work and we ordered pizza and hung out til it was time to go to the bar for New Years. Mobadass was playing, they were good as per usual. Friday I finished planning my unit and did some reading (I'm halfway through the summer of my amazing luck if you're interested). Rach forgot some stuff at the cabin so I dropped it off at work for her. Boy do they ever work hard at Parks Canada on Fridays... I showed up at 4h30 and wound up hanging out there with Rach and her coworkers til close at 8.

Friday evening Sean-o, Heather, Dan and Fearless were supposed to be joining me so we could all camp. The Regina crew had some time setbacks due to a small detour to Vegas earlier in the week and didn't wind up arriving til late - Fri evening we all visited but stayed in cabins. I think it beats trying to set up tents at 10h30. Saturday proved gray and not very nice so we spent much of the day lazing around. When we finally got moving the girls, with a little help from teamwork, packed a pic-nic "lunch" and coerced the boys into hiking Boundary Bog with us. Teamwork makes delicous lunches. The Bog is more of a walk than a hike, but it takes you through many of the parks different forests all in 2km. It's certainly the Reader's Digest version of exploring the North. It's also all about the learning. Good times. Parks Canada wouldn't want you to be lazy in your hiking endeavours - they have high expectations. There's even a quiz for when you're finished. Stay sharp! Mother Nature was feeling generous later on in the day and she gave us some sun to eat our lupper in, and continue with the shining so we could get camp set up and not be freezing. High five to Mother N. The rest of the evening progressed as you would expect - food, more food, smores, fire, beach walking to see meteors, good company and eventually sleeping. Tis the good life. I awoke Sunday to the sweet sweet music of Fearless chopping wood on which she would later use to cook me bacon and eggs. Tasty.

That pretty much concludes the trip. We had to leave early-ish Sunday so Rach could get home in time for her own going away BBQ. Mother N was finished with being nice by about 2 anyway - she unleashed some serious fury on someone as we were driving home. I don't think it was us as we cleaned up our campsite and payed our campfire fee.

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